April 29, 2005

My Photo Friday contribution for fancy
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fancy clothes & a fancy car Posted by Hello
Hoover's Prom 2003

This was a wonderful evening. Randy and I served about a dozen prom goers a nice sit down pre-prom meal in our three seasons room. We had help in the kitchen, a proper waiter, candles, roses, - it was a beautiful evening. The lilacs bloomed just in time to make a colorful back drop in pictures and softly fragranced the air. The temperature of the day was warm, sunny with a light breeze.
The room had been decorated elegantly to the surprise of the teens. I took many pictures of the couples and friends. Then their limo pulled up out front. We snapped a few last photos. All found their spot in the luxurious car and just like Cinderella, they were off to the ball!
All the kids received a picture CD of all of my pictures taken of that magical evening for their memory books.
It was fun!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing could ever make the memory of that night go away. It was magical, and awesome, and completely memorable. Nothing went wrong that night, I wasn't my clumsy self, I didn't spill, trip, or rip ANYTHING. We still owe you a huge 'thank you', even it being two years later. You made the dinner part of it awesome, and a time that we all could just together before graduation. I hear Brett graduates his pastorship program next year, I talked to his mom the other day. What a great guy, and great friends and a great time. Thanks for the post and rememberance photo Mom2 :) ~Kara :)