June 23, 2006

PHOTO FRIDAY - HEALTH Posted by Picasa

Welcome to my every day.
The prescriptions that help me survive each day.
And an amazing amount of cautions - dire side effects ahead!
I tried but couldn't fit the non-prescriptions I take in the picture.
I'm also OCD.
They have to line up in order, from which ones I take first to the ones I take last and one ones I take the most in a memorable spot so I will remember.
Everywhere I go, I must have my line up.


Gradual Dazzle said...

Ah, yes. The lineup. Everyone in our family has their own lineup... a color-coded pill-minder with each day's dose in the AM or PM tray, and we check them after meals to make sure people have remembered their meds. It's just what we do. I guess it comes with the territory of adopting kids with major special-needs. I think sometimes being a mom of special-needs kids gives me a somewhat skewed view of what's normal, yanno? I look around at families whose kids A) get A's and B's in regular classes at school, B) don't take any medication on a regular basis and C) don't have rages or seizures or severe learning disabilities and who never EVER get a note from the teacher accusing them of spending too little time reading with them at home and I just want to kick down their picket-fences in disgust! LOL

I am glad that God made people smart enough to invent these meds so that we can lead more productive, happy, healthy lives. tee hee

Sanity is overrated, from what I hear.

Bear said...

I have a seven day pill-minder. Most of the time I fill it according to what I will need for the next few days at work. My schedule changes constantly and I find it challenging to keep up. What really hurts is getting a break late. That can screw up my pill schedule for the rest of the day. *Sob* - "I can't go to bed until I get that last dose in, otherwise I will wake up in serious pain".
I always have "a day or two" filled with an emergency dose of each prescription. Plus, I get to carry two Epipens everywhere I go. They are really quite adorable sticking over so boldly out of my current little summer purse. (NOT!)

Normal kids?
I've seen those at the store. Really weird. They are like "Stepford" kids. Kinda spooky if you ask me......

So which is sadder Kris? That I was taking pictures of my drug row and posting it in the middle of the night - or -
that you were reading and commenting in agreement in the middle of the night.
I'm surprised I didn't catch your post last night. I was still up!

Okay people, I'm looking at my word verification letters and thinking there is no way I'm getting this one on the first try!

Katy said...

Wow.....I am not sure what to say...that is a crap load of drugs. I am also glad to say I too am a sufferer of OCD. Lickily mine is still mild enough to be a blessing and not a curse. Let's keep our fingers crossed it stays that way.